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Our campaign pays off: Turner Prize age limit lifted!

by on March 30, 2017

So after our prolonged campaign, well a few blog posts, tweets and an unanswered email to the Tate, we are thrilled to hear that the Turner Prize has lifted it’s age limit!  (Just to clarify, we are not really claiming that this was entirely down to our influence…though every little helps!)


Reporting the announcement A-N quoted Tate Britain director Alex Farquharson:  “We have always kept these terms under review and we feel that now is the right moment to make this change. The Turner Prize has always championed emerging artists — it has never been a prize for long service but for a memorable presentation of work in that year.  Now that its reputation is so firmly established, we want to acknowledge the fact that artists can experience a breakthrough in their work at any age.”

We note that the Turner Prize launched in 1984 and are surprised that given it is one of the most talked about art prizes in the world that it has only regarded itself as established in 2017!  Twitter seems to agree this was a change that was long overdue!


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