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About us

About us

Katrina and Rebecca have been collaborating on research about age at work since Summer 2011.   Both had individually looked at issues related to different age groups but came together with the specific aim of starting an inclusive research project in which the issues faced by older and younger (and inbetween) workers were given equal attention.  Both are late ‘early career’ researchers who have returned to academia following careers in Law (Rebecca) and Management Consultancy (Katrina).  Their focus is on innovative qualitative research underpinned by broadly social constructionist perspectives.

Katrina Pritchard

Katrina is a Professor in the School of Management at Swansea University.

In addition to her research on Age at Work, she is also collaborating with Prof Gillian Symon, RHUL) on research into mobile work and smartphones (see own blog for research papers including newly accepted paper for Organization Studies) and again with Prof Symon and Dr Christine Hine (Surrey) in a new research project on Volunteer Experiences, also on twitter via @VolexResearch.

Katrina can be followed on twitter @ProfKPritchard and sometimes remembers to update her own blog with details of publications and other research activities including a project with Kate Mackenzie-Davey and Helen Cooper (both at Birkbeck) on ‘Entrepreneur Barbie’.

Rebecca Whiting

Rebecca is a Lecturer in the Department of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London.

In addition to her research on Age at Work, Rebecca is collaborating with colleagues at The Open University, Royal Holloway and the University of Sussex on a multi-disciplinary research project (Digital Brain Switch) funded by the EPSRC. The project looks at the concept of ‘work life balance’ (however defined) and in particular at how modern communication technology affects our ability to switch between our various roles across work life boundaries.

Rebecca can be contacted directly via and can be followed on Twitter @DrRWhiting

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