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Update on #Turner Prize age limit

by on December 11, 2015

Thanks to Alistair McQueen via twitter (@HelloMcQueen) for pointing out that we are not the first to blog about the age limit of 50 for the Turner Prize – see the Age Bomb back in 2010.

No official response yet but so far all we can say is that there seems to be a conflation of age and career stage going on in the aim of avoiding a life time achievement focus.  Though since the prize is for a particular exhibition in a particular year I am not sure why an age limit helps at all anyway.  Surely the judges are bright enough to just be told ‘don’t view this as a lifetime achievement award’.   There is also some commentary on the Tate website about Turner wanting a prize for young artists – but that sounds a rather convenient answer!  Hopefully we will be able to update you with an answer from @Tate soon!

Thanks to all those of you who’ve tweeted your support!


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