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About our research

This is a collaborative research programme about age at work which began in 2011. Download this Flyer for an overview of the research to date.

An inclusive approach

The research takes an inclusive approach to its main topics:

  • Issues faced by old and young (and in-between) are given equal attention
  • Work is seen as including issues relating to employment, unemployment, underemployment and retirement


Our focus is on innovative qualitative research approaches underpinned by broadly social constructionist perspectives.


The research aims to map the language of age at work using Web 2.0 data. Adopting critical discourse analysis as a framework, our research explores how notions of age, age identities and related conceptions such as generations are socially (and discursively) constructed in relation to issues of work.


This research project was initially supported by a grant from the Richard Benjamin Trust (see links) and then by the School of Business Economics and Informatics at Birkbeck, University of London.

Current topics of interest include:

  • critical analysis of ‘generations’ and impact on debates about work entitlement
  • visual analysis of representations of age
  • intersections between gender and age
  • role and impact  of advocates for age-related issues
  • web 2.0 and e-research methods

Pease contact us if you would like to find out more about our research or to discuss age at work issues relating to  your organization.

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