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And we’re back for 2016!

by on January 11, 2016

After a well earned break Age at Work (@ageatwork) is back blogging for 2016. Like its authors, our blog is just a little bit older but probably no wiser.  We start with a quick review of the 2015 highlights – our 4th full year of blogging and tweeting about our research on all ages at work.

Some of you may have noticed we cut back slightly on the blogging in 2015, as due to work pressures the daily blog was becoming a bit of a slog.  So we posted 50 fewer times than in 2015 but overall our views (7000) were up!  Perhaps we are finally getting the hang of the interesting post!

Our most read posts seem to relate to the topic of age limits – with our 2014 post on the fields medal still our most popular post in 2015.  We raised this again with posts about the Turner Prize late last year – and no we still don’t have an answer on that one but we will be chasing that up!

Many thanks to all our readers and commenters for their support in 2015 and we look forward to more stimulating discussion in 2016.  We’re approaching the magic 500 mark of twitter followers so setting that goal as a New Year’s resolution for 2016.

If you are interested in reading more about our research you can track down our papers and presentations via the pages of our blog.

Katrina and Rebecca

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