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Working longer in the news

by on August 4, 2015

Maybe its the ‘post-holiday blues’ but on return to work (and blogging duty) this week, there seemed to be an awful lot about working longer in the news.

In fact reading the inspirational stories in this article in the guardian was just what I needed, although there are some real tales of struggle here and it is not always clear that working longer is what these people would choose to do.  There are also some unfortunate reinforcement of retirement stereotypes: of doing nothing, of knitting and fishing and golf.  However the main benefit of this piece is challenging the stereotype that people become to old to work effectively – I would dare anyone to suggest that to those featured!  Their experiences are supported by a piece in CBC news featuring an interview with Jennifer Newman which also challenges assumptions about age and ageing at work.  Interestingly she suggests that research shows “most staff under 25 feel older than their chronological age, while most staff over 30 feel younger than their chronological age“.  Perhaps this is a bit of a generalisation but it echoes the message from those older workers telling their stories in the Guardian.  (Just don’t ask me how old I feel on the first day back at work after a holiday!)

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