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Cake, children and cheap travel: A round up of age at work stories – and then we’re on holiday

by on July 24, 2015

A quick round up of some of the age at work stories that have caught my eye this week.

Who could resist clicking on the headline Harrods worker ‘sacked for eating cake’ that appeared in The Telegraph.  In what sounds like a truly ingenious line of argument, Mr Mackenzie, a Harrods restaurant manager, told the Central London employment tribunal he had tasted a slice of the cake ‘to make sure it was sufficiently moist’. This was in the context of a claim for discrimination over his ethnicity, age and sex. No details of any of these claims but the case was thrown out. Which I think is what he said was going to happen to the cake….

China may be about to change its one-child policy, according to this piece in The Guardian, on the grounds that its ageing population means it has a shrinking pool of working-age people. Interestingly, the working-age population (which fell by 3.71 million last year) is defined as those aged between 15 and 59. That upper age is looking rather young by European and US standards these days.

In a bid to boost local youth employment, the Welsh Government is funding a scheme, in partnership with the bus industry and local authorities, to help young Welsh people travel to and from training and employment more cheaply. The story is reported here on the ITV news website. The idea is to remove a potential barrier to accessing training and employment opportunities.

That’s it for a week. We’ll be back blogging in the week of 3rd August. Happy holidays!

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