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Getting a job in Silicon Valley when you’re 60: the male makeover

by on November 28, 2012

Today’s Mail Online features this article on how Randy Adams underwent a makeover in order to secure a job as CEO of a Silicon Valley company. According to the Mail, the 60-year-old shaved off what was left of his hair, got an eye-lift and traded his loafers for a pair of Converse in order to work in what is widely seen as a youth-obsessed industry. Prior to doing so, he reports being rejected for numerous positions that he thought were his, only to see much younger, less-experienced candidates being appointed.

Apparently this is part of a wider trend. Lawyers in California say they have seen an inrease in age discrimination cases from people in their forties. Plastic surgeons in the Bay area of that state report an increase in businessmen asking about cosmetic procedures. Some very interesting anecdotes too from people who are involved in recruitment in this industry though I’m not sure that their experiences are necessarily unique to the IT business.

Both younger and older workers are currently encouraged by Government to start up new businesses as an alternative to employment. So it is particularly pertinent to note the observation that investors, in contrast to employers, are not subject to discrimination laws when deciding whom to fund. And it seems that in Silicon Valley they are reported to be among the most outspoken in declaring their age preferences (young).

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