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Post US election comments on age

by on November 10, 2016

My Mum’s paper this morning declares there has been a ‘trumpquake’.  For the second time this year I woke up to an unexpected voting outcome – and this one was even more of a shock.

As with the discussion after the Brexit vote, just who has put Donald Trump in the White House is the subject of much analysis.  The Telegraph (amongst others) has a useful chart comparing exit polls (though of course these are not the same as votes), though it also appears that Clinton edged Trump in the popular vote: 48% to 47% (according to latest figures in the Guardian).

As with after Brexit, voting analysis by generation has been unpacked

and discussed as both a cause for hope and despair, as in this review of ‘millenials’ voting.

Hilary Clinton’s speech after her defeat has also been much covered in the press, particularly for its call to young workers (CNBC) and young women (New York Post).


Of course Trump doesn’t enter the White House until January, looks like we might be in for some 2017!

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