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More on generational differences

by on October 14, 2016

I know, a novel topic for my blog post!  But bear with me.

This post on ‘Generational differences at work: Myth or Reality’ should be right up our street!  And yes it highlights some interesting findings from a quantitative study*  but the blog post provides a link to the wrong paper.  (Or at least a different paper.) I’ve just wasted 20 mins writing a post about the difference between a secondary analysis and a meta analysis before I realised this!

HOWEVER: the point we frequently make here is that generational labels need to be investigated themselves, and unpacked as constructions rather than ‘natural’ groupings of individuals.  AND these constructions have an impact

Sadly no access to the actual paper today due to IT issues at my library so a few tweets on the topic to compensate:

*Costanza, D. P., Badger, J. M., Fraser, R. L., Severt, J. B., & Gade, P. A. (2012). Generational differences in work-related attitudes: A meta-analysis. Journal of Business and Psychology

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