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Age-targeted recruitment methods at Goldman Sachs under scrutiny

by on September 22, 2015

Actually, at the moment, it may only be us who is scrutinising Goldman Sach’s latest recruitment method. But we think it’s worth a look.

According to this article on the EyeWitness News website, the bank has released a series of quick-hit recruiting ads on Snapchat to become the first major Wall Street bank to turn to the instant-but-fleeting messaging app for potential recruits. What seems surprising is how this is unproblematically identified as ‘its latest push to broaden its allure among millennials’. It seems they were able to target this age group via Snapchat’s ‘Campus Story function’ which is a curated platform for user-generated contents such as pictures and videos at college campuses across the US. So only those who use Snapchat and whose phones indicate they are or have recently been in and around a campus, are able to post to and view the Campus Story. Ingenious – though in some institutions (like Birkbeck) this wouldn’t necessarily mean the students would all be so-called millennials.

Apparently since the recession, US graduates have been falling out of love with the idea of working for banks, rejecting the prospect of working in investment banking which is now seen as an ‘all-work-and-no-play career’. But does that justify age-targeted recruitment practices? Not sure the bank would get away with this in the UK.

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