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Young and unemployed? Off to a bootcamp you go!

by on August 18, 2015

Interestingly released just after the news coverage of A level results day, is a report widely covered in the UK press (here in the Guardian) of an ‘earn or learn’ policy to be introduced by the UK governments.  The Daily Mail highlighted that this is also related to a revamp of benefits for the under 21’s.

Much of the press coverage focused on the ‘boot camp’ idea though it was officially called an ‘intensive activity programme’ in the press release from the Government.  This also highlighted the way in which the programme would essentially be compulsory as failure to attend might result in loss of benefits.  The press release goes onto say:

“The intensive curriculum includes practising job applications and interview techniques as well as extensive job search, and is expected to take 71 hours over the first 3 weeks of the claim. A dedicated work coach will work with jobseekers and continuously review what was achieved during the initial 3-week work course.”

It will be interesting to understand how such plans are related to the overhaul of careers advice within schools and what offers of similar support might be made to the over-21s.

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