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Age and International Women’s Day

by on March 9, 2015

Germaine Greer used International Women’s day to suggest that feminism is ageist in the Guardian and took aim at the Australian Government.  Meanwhile Help Age International suggested that older women were being ignored in campaigns for gender equality and an Age UK blog asked are older women invisible to the sisterhood?

With the theme #makeithappen, the central sites for International Women’s day certainly didn’t suggest a particular age bias and many of the lists circulating around the internet to important or influential women seemed to have a reasonable age range as did the equality march coverage in London – though perhaps not including as many in older age groups (over 65’s).

Inevitably, it is problematic to generalise and say that all women share and experience the same issues.  There are enormous variations in the issues women face depending on their location, wealth, ethnicity, sexuality – and yes, on their age.   We only have to look at the issues raised in the recent TV programme India’s daughter to see how difficult some of these challenges are.

Overall I feel it is useful to use IWD to draw attention to issues facing older women but also to recognise the range of experiences and issues facing women.  That IWD 2015 provides a platform to raise both more general and specific concerns is to be celebrated.

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