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by on February 4, 2015

This article entitled “Hopefully the last article about millennials you’ll ever read” by Jared Lindzon on the Fast Company site, immediately caught my attention today.  Even more so when I read the subtitle (emphasis in original): “ENOUGH ALREADY. THERE IS NO “MILLENNIAL CONUNDRUM.” WHY WE HAVE THESE WORRIES EVERY FEW YEARS AND HOW MILLENNIALS AREN’T AN ALIEN SPECIES.

This piece highlights the similarities between issues faced in youth (whatever the generational label) although Jared still suggests that there is a ‘unique’ millennial experience.  Interestingly though he also asks as millennials become the dominant group in the workplace why aren’t they writing more articles about the ‘problems’ with other generations as seen from their perspective.  Certainly from our experience: they do!  It seems those particularly at risk of generational stereotyping are those starting out in their career and those towards the end of their working lives.  Jared rightly encourages those in positions of leadership to go and talk the the younger workers in their workplace to find out more about them.  Perhaps we would add, talk to them to find out more about them as individuals rather than as representatives of their generation.

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