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Who knew you could be too old to be an angel!

by on May 7, 2014

A Victoria Secret’s angel that is!  The Daily Mail runs a story from Radar Online which ‘exclusively’ reveals that 40-year old Tyra Banks is reportedly ‘outraged‘ having been rejected from the fashion world’s high profile Victoria Secret’s runway show because according to the sources quoted ”Tyra’s feelings were hurt because the excuse she was given is that the audience likes to see the newest models, not the “veterans” on the runway”.  In essences the main thrust of the article is that at 40 Tyra is now regarded as too old to take part in the lingerie catwalk show.

We have reviewed the challenges facing older workers in aesthetic and visual roles – indeed recently reviewing the reaction to another model, this time Kate Moss, turning 40.

At the same time the Guardian recently ran a piece discussing the rise of the older model suggesting that “amid a sea of teenagers, this season’s most striking faces are 60-plus and have other jobs” and asking “Are older models here to stay?”  Perhaps on the basis of this latest news the answer is maybe – it seems to depend what they are going to be wearing.



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