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Over 60s – back to university?

by on February 21, 2013

Government Higher Education minister David Willets is reported as saying that older workers will need to keep their skills up to date in order to keep their jobs. That in itself is perhaps not very controversial. What is gaining more attention, as reported here in The Telegraph is the suggestion that people in their 60s should go (back) to university to retrain and upskill because they will be expected to work for longer before retirement.

The age limit on student loans to cover tuition fees has recently been lifted. Mr Willets has suggested that this makes a degree course “great value” for older people.  Apparently these comments follow a government report linking the UK’s future economic success with the skills and contributions of older workers.

Prof John Philpott, chief economist at the CIPD, told the committee  investigating the impact of the ageing population on public services that universities should set up more courses to help older workers study “at weekends or during breaks”.

Lots of reader comments on The Telegraph article. I particularly liked the observation about ‘Looking forward to re-sitting freshers’ week!’

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