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Age discrimination and age stereotypes: Still ongoing in UK workplaces

by on December 13, 2017

It would be fair to say that this has been a very busy term for Katrina and me in our respective universities so our apologies for not having blogged for a while.

What have we missed? A survey by CV-Library covered here on the Small Business website reports that 70% of UK workers said age discrimination is common in their workplace. The survey was also covered here by the Independent and by Free Press website with the latter highlighting that the percentage reporting this in Wales was even higher, at 81%. It didn’t offer any explanation for this though.

A decade after discrimination on the grounds of age was made unlawful, this is depressing reading. It is good to note that the survey did not assume that discrimination is only targeted at either younger or older workers, but could be directed at people of any age. Unfortunately the detail suggests that the application of age stereotypes are still a feature of recruitment practices in some organizations. Of those who said they were considered ‘too young’ for a job, nearly half said they were told they didn’t have enough experience and over a third said the employer felt no-one would take them seriously. For those considered to be ‘too old’, one in five were told that they would be ‘too stuck in their own ways’.

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