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Do “contemporary women over 45” need their own magazine?

by on July 17, 2017

I recently spotted “Renaissance Magazine” at London City Airport and it sparked my curiosity.  This is a new magazine, launched in 2017 and will be published three times a year.  From its website it aims to:

“break conventions with exquisite fashion editorials featuring models over 40, essays for the mind & soul and interviews with inspiring people from around the world”

and  address “the needs and interests of contemporary women over 45”.

You could (at a push) argue I am absolutely their target market – so why didn’t I buy a copy?  Because it really doesn’t look that different!

Issue 02 offers the option of ‘choosing‘ your own cover for the ‘body’ issue.  However these images raise many of the same issues that are often debated in the literature about constructions of the ‘acceptable’ ageing body (here, still looking like a super model).

This is timely in light of our forthcoming research presentations at conferences this summer in which we examine both our own and others aesthetic labouring and ageing!


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