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The tech start up where all employees are over 55

by on June 19, 2017

Last week the Telegraph reported on a South Korean Tech Start up called ‘EverYoung’ where all the employees are over 55, with the oldest employee reported as 83.  It reports that “The company, founded by 56-year-old executive Chung Eunsung, aims to address South Korea’s demographic timebomb and challenge a corporate culture steeped in age discrimination in favour of the young”.   This is no small operation either with a total of 450 employees.  While some of the policies here sit uneasy in a UK employment context – the company operates “a strictly ageist policy of only employing staff over the age of 55” according to the Telegraph article – the challenge to the common stereotype that tech start ups are only for the young is a refreshing change.  Nevertheless some aspects of stereotypes remain here as the article emphasises the presence of blood pressure monitors and benefits include cash bonuses for grandchildren.


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