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Constrained Agency in Later Working Lives #retirement #laterlife @hydeM1976 @OUPAcademic

by on June 14, 2017

Many thanks to Martin Hyde, Associate Professor in Gerontology at the Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University for drawing our attention to a Special Issue on Constrained Agency in Later Working Lives in the journal Work, Aging & Retirement.

Work and working in later life and how this impacts on the notion of retirement is very much up for debate at the moment. We have reported a number of illustrative stories over the years on this blog, for example, individuals seeking to be allowed to work for longer but also occupational groups seeking to protect their retirement entitlement at ages below the current state pension age.

The Special Issue looks the role of structure and agency which are seen to play an important (but often unexplored) role in research on late careers and retirement. In this context, structure means social structures that constrain or enable the choices that individuals make around retirement. These could be social policies, social norms as well as an individual’s social background. Agency refers to the notion that individuals make their own plans and choices.

The dual focus of the articles is:

  • exploring the labour market situations in which individual agency is constrained against a background of population ageing, longer working lives, and the growth in ‘flexible’ forms of work;
  • exploring which individuals are being constrained in their agency during later working lives and in retirement processes.

Happily too the articles in the Special Issue are open access rather than behind a paywall. Here are the details of the individual papers with links:

Authors: Martin Hyde; Ellen Dingemans

Are “Voluntary” Self-Employed Better Prepared for Retirement Than “Forced” Self-Employed?

Authors: Douglas A. Hershey; Hendrik P. van Dalen; Wieteke Conen; Kène Henkens

Authors:Jan Paul Heisig; Jonas Radl

Authors: Hanna van Solinge; Kène Henkens

Authors: Hannes Zacher; Cort W. Rudolph

Authors: Monika E. von Bonsdorff; Yujie Zhan; Yifan Song; Mo Wang

Happy reading!

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