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Focus on older workers to plug UK skills gap

by on May 31, 2017

A new campaign, which has been variously called the ‘silver quota’, is highlighting the need for business to focus on recruiting ‘older workers’ to address the UK skills gap.


These companies are highlighted as already committing to this target and publishing age data: viva, Atos, Barclays, The Co-operative Group, Home Instead Senior Care, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), Mercer, and Boots UK are the first employers to publically pledge their commitment to meeting this target and have already published their age data.

However I was slightly confused as to the way in which this data might a) recorded b) organised and c) utilised.  The BITC appear to ask for raw numbers in two categories: 50-64 and 65-69 which I find slightly baffling!   Why not collect ALL AGE related data and use the same size chronological age bands.  Further this does appear to suggest that 69 might be the upper end of ‘older workers’ when there is no default retirement age.

We have also highlighted before the issue of the broad and generic age label “older” to apply to everyone over 50!  We are not alone as this article usefully points out:

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