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Useful article on extending working lives

by on February 1, 2017

Having spotted this interesting article on Twitter today, I thought it was time to revisit our semi-regular post about a recent academic article – even better this one is open access:

This article explore the factors that influence individuals deciding whether they will carry on working or retire.  It highlights that in order to increase the proportion of working population in an era of an ageing demography this is critical to understand.  The relevance of gender differences are also reviewed and the paper looks at these issues across Europe by considering published studies since 2005.   On the whole there is nothing in here that is hugely surprising but it is a really useful summary of findings on a range of issues.  It highlights the challenges of healthy ageing, particularly for those in demanding occupations and for those with lower socio-economic status.  Within a respect to gender the issue of stereotypes is raised, alongside a recognition that women continue to take on more caring responsibilities.  The key requirement for attention to both individual and macro level factors is highlighted. Here there is a timely link with the recent press coverage on the state of social care in the UK – see here in the Guardian for example.
It is a clearly written paper and well worth a read although some of the tables are rather difficult to read online due to their formatting.

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