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Ask the headhunter…and get a very odd reply

by on December 6, 2016

‘Ask the Headhunter’ is a regular feature on @PBS written by Nick Corcodilos who answers questions such as “I was fired for being late what should I tell my new boss” and I’m stuck in a horrible job how can I quit”.

Bearing mind the focus here is the US, this latest question about age discrimination refers only to older workers (over 40), and not age discrimination in general as would be the case in the UK:

With a strong focus on the bottom line, Nick’s advice is that: “most managers will see past “the gray” if you show them the green — money, profit, success”.

Much of the article focuses on having the ‘right’ state of mind for the interview, and not giving off the wrong signals.  Towards the end of the article, Nick states “If you’re preoccupied with your age in the interview, you’re giving off the wrong signal. Defeat age anxiety, and you’ll survive most age discrimination.”

While there is some sense in the first part of the sentence, the second seems wholly unrealistic.  It passes the responsibility entirely to the individual (here an older job seeker) and suggests that it is that individual’s responsibility to ‘survive’ the discrimination.  I wonder whether such a statement would be applied to other forms of discrimination in the workplace?



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