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“Who says you can’t slay at any age?”: Older model leads Missguided campaign

by on November 3, 2016

You need to know that Missguided is an online teenage fashion brand.  As reported here in The Telegraph, they have selected Baddie Winkle (real name, Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle) as the face of their Christmas campaign. What is newsworthy is her age. She is described as an ‘88-year-old great-grandmother‘ in the article and as a ‘badass 88 year old babe‘ on the Missguided website.

The campaign introduces her as follows: “She’s been slayin’ it since 1928, is Drakes #1 fan and is BFF’s with Miley. She is a true icon, inspiring people to wear and be whoever they want, ignore the basics and always, always stay wild. Describing herself as ‘savage with a golden heart’ she is the bad ass 88 year old that we all want to be.”

It’s great that there is beginning to be more work for models of all ages, a trend we’ve reported on the blog before. And some of these stories have featured women for whom modeling has not been their career in earlier life.  Indeed, the Telegraph article highlights a more poignant backstory to Baddie’s (Helen’s) social media and modeling career, a response to bereavement following the deaths of both her husband and son. Earlier this week, The Guardian profiled three mid/late life career changers whose stories tell of a combination of (good and bad) luck, circumstance and perseverance that have led to their new roles. What’s interesting is how they utilised skills or aims from earlier in life. A case of continuity and change?

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