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A bit of fun: BBC quiz measures your age and experience against world leaders

by on November 2, 2016

It would be fair to say that there has been very little sense of light-hearted fun in the current US Presidential campaign. So thank you to the BBC for this quiz which asks:Which world leaders are you most like? It invites you to enter your own age, educational level and current job experience which it then measures against world political leaders. And tells you in respect of each item which world leader you are most like. For the record, my results were as follows:


Amazingly (to me) I am apparently younger than 77% of current world leaders. The quiz tells me that ‘Most world leaders are currently aged between 50 and 70. The average age for a world leader is 62. Leaders in Middle Eastern and African countries tend to be older, while those in Europe tend to be younger. Eight out of the 10 youngest current world leaders are European.’ So for those of us who live in a European country (and I’m including the UK in that category!), it may not just be a perception that our political leaders are getting younger.

Still, it’s not everyday that I am described as ‘most similar to Barack Obama’ (even if this relates to level of education) so that’s a bonus.

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