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Just because its the final…

by on October 26, 2016

…A bake off blog!

So I am a bit of a GBBO addict, and of course it seems unlikely there will be a series next year and then it will be moving to Channel 4 in any case.  So unless they recruit this years stand out contestants, Benjamina and Selasi (aka Benjalasi) to present I’m probably not going to be watching again.  Sigh.

So it’s not just the final, it’s the final final.

The star of the show, as always, is Mary Berry.  I was quite intrigued that while detailing her career in some depth, her own ‘about’ page does not explicitly mention her age.  This despite the fact that an older woman TV presenter is still a rarity, with figures in 2013 suggesting only 5% of UK TV presenters were women over 50.  Paul Hollywood turned 50 this year and is perhaps as well known for new stories out of the tent as in it.  He is the only one of the presenters to be going to Channel 4.

The finalists this year are Andrew – age 25; Candice – age 31 and Jane – 61.  Much has been made of Andrew’s relative inexperience but he’s actually not that much younger than Candice.  (Bias admission: I am #TeamAndrew for the final, mainly because my Mum decided he looked like my son, Adam.  He doesn’t but we still support him.)

So my prediction…hmmm I would love Andrew to win but I suspect he won’t.  That’s as far as I’ll go.


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