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Hillary’s age and health back in the headlines

by on September 12, 2016

We’ve blogged in the past about news coverage of Hillary Clinton’s age and health in the US presidential race, both back in 2014 and more recently in 2015 discussing the unofficial campaign hashtag #GrandmothersKnowBest.

Today, her age, gender and health are back in the headlines following incident’s yesterday which seems to be described as a ‘stumble’ (The Washington Times) which resulted in her being ‘helped’ to her car.  As Fox News summarise this is a complex issue which reaches far beyond what actually happened and its potential cause.  It is about the reaction by the press and across social media, and emerging concerns about transparency on health issues (which can be leveled at both candidates). The New York Times ran a medical guide to Pneumonia but the use of the term ‘old people’ in this and other coverage only serves to confirm the label is appropriate to Hillary Clinton and acts to differentiate her from Donald Trump – who is actually two years older.

A lot will depend now on how the ‘recovery’ from this ‘episode’ is handled by her team, used by Trump and how both these are received in the press.  We may know more in the coming days but we might not be certain until the polls close.





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