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Pirelli Calendar: why are we still talking about it?

by on September 1, 2016

News is that the 2017 Pirelli Calendar preview is out!  Why is this news?  Because as the Guardian summarises is now features “cardigans and older models“.

I must admit a personal perspective here.  My very first consultancy assignment was at a car manufacturer where (in addition to the fact that all the engineers assumed I was the team secretary) I encountered one of these calendars in virtually every workspace I entered.   And that includes the IT department and managerial offices.

Still times move on.  And so it seems does the Pirelli calendar.

So the average age in the 2017 edition is apparently 44 and there is a focus on actresses rather than ‘just’ models – although that does still seem a rather restrictive pool from which to select from.  Although Sky news reports that these are representative of “women of achievement” but since in 2016 this included a wider range (Serena Williams, Patti Smith and Yoko Ono featured) it seems like something of a backward step.

However while the move away from the ‘traditional’ calendar is widely praised there are concerns that Pirelli have not gone far enough.  News coverage in Australia  has reported that the director of Body Positive Australia Sarah Harry called the decision to raise the age of the women a “marketing ploy”.  She raises concerns about the ongoing lack of diversity, both in terms of categories such as ethnicity and cultural diversity but also highlighting that the women featured all fit with ideals of of beauty that are promoted commercially.  As The New Daily reports “She also questioned why the calendar was still in existence. “I just can’t understand why we’re still objectifying women in a calendar made by a tyre company,” she told The New Daily.”

Nope. Nor can we.




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