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We’re back – and what do your first seven jobs say about you?

by on August 9, 2016

We’re back from our holidays / staycations – what have we missed?

The MarketWatch website reported here a trend by Twitter users including celebrities to tweet about their first seven jobs (#firstsevenjobs); these were then used by some commentators to draw conclusions on differences between generations with regard to employment trends over the decades.

The hashtag was picked up in other countries with users pointing out that perhaps the differences might be based on class/privilege rather than on generations. Alternative arguments have centred on wider labour market changes such as technology making some low skill jobs redundant and the rise of the the (unpaid) intern. On a more positive note, the ‘sharing’ or gig economy is seen as allowing services from individuals to be simultaneously offered to and performed for multiple outlets. The ability to change jobs was also reported as being potentially lucrative for younger workers, with those who changed jobs during the third quarter of 2015 seeing a 6.5% increase in wages, compared with a 3.5% rise for those who stayed in their jobs.

So, not a very rigorous methodology, but an interesting take on early career jobs. For the record, Katrina tweeted her first seven jobs here:

Whilst mine are: 1. babysitter, 2. breakfast cook, 3. bakery sales assistant, 4. agricultural show milkshake maker, 5. bar worker, 6. grape picker and 7. database administrator. Note the food/drink-based theme for both of us – clearly a solid base for second careers in academia!

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