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Brexit Blues continued

by on June 28, 2016

I hadn’t planned to do another Brexit blog but it seems almost unavoidable (brief Wimbledon positivity aside and thankfully living in Wales means I don’t have to wallow in any Football grief, at least not yet).

The topic of age has continued to feature in the news as the fallout from last week’s EU referendum continues.

The Guardian seems particularly to have picked up this line of inquiry and ran a feature Yesterday called: Family Rifts over Brexit: I can barely look at my parents, which has been shared by 5k and received 1.8k comments.  These comments in particular make rather depressing reading as stereotype after stereotype is delivery by the young at the old – and by the old at the young.  Another feature in the Guardian offers a more considered review asking that we “Don’t blame all the Babyboomers for Brexit“.

However, while these debates take place in the press, or perhaps around a kitchen table, other differences are being targeted in a horrific way.  The Independent reports, as do others, of the increased incidence of hate crime up an estimated 57% since the referendum while a new campaign is monitoring this closely.  About the only united response by politicians has been to condemn any and all harassment and aggression, which I suppose is at least something.


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