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Perhaps not the most worrying issue the US has right now but..

by on May 31, 2016

It may come as a surprise that I don’t start my blogging days looking for some unbelievable and improbable generalizations about generations.

(In fact today I was considering writing a piece about:

  1.  Thailand’s approach to becoming an ‘aged society’ or,
  2. on the basis of this classic which popped up in our inbox, compiling a montage of odd uses of age related stock photos
  3. or re-opening the debate on the appropriateness of ‘older worker of the year’ competitions such as this one.

So I guess that’s my list for other posts this week.)

BUT then I stumbled on this in the Miami Herald in which various professionals and CEOs are each week asked to respond to a question, this week the question being: What differences have you noticed between millennial and older workers?  Of all the responses only one appeared to hesitate and be wary of generalisations – Mich Kaplan of Books & Books, who briefly restored my faith in business leaders.

In case you can’t face the whole article, this was my ‘favourite’ response which I have left unattributed:

“Millennials vs. Older Workers:

Challenged by the unknown / Frightened by the unknown

Methodical / Deliberate

Want it today attitude / “Will Get It Tomorrow” attitude

Loves to work / Works because of love

Driven by the acquisition of things / Driven by the fulfillment”

Let’s imagine for a minute replacing the ‘generations’ with any other category of difference and consider how likely it is that these sort of lists would be published in the business section of reputable news outlet.




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