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Age discrimination: Eurostar and an update from Jersey

by on May 27, 2016

Since we blogged about an age discrimination related story at the beginning of the week (the age limit on loans for student living costs) we thought we’d end the week with a look at a couple of other stories on the topic.

First is the row involving Eurostar, as reported here in The Telegraph, which is offering its lowest fares (£25) only to customers who have Facebook accounts. There have been accusations that this is likely to exclude older people. Janet Morrison, chief executive of Independent Age, is quoted as saying that firms must offer alternative deals to avoid “inadvertently discriminating against the elderly”.  I’m tempted to say that Eurostar is definitely excluding those who don’t use Facebook (and who knows in the future, other social media accounts) but this group might be made up of a mix of ages plus those who don’t like or want to use Facebook and those whose socio-economic status excludes them from easy access to technology more generally as well as to the internet.  It’d be interesting to see the age profile across the latter groups. Definitely a case where we need to look behind the potential age stereotyping.

And second is an update on Jersey. We blogged a while ago reporting with some surprise that age discrimination was then still legal in the island. Well, now it isn’t. ITV News reported on Tuesday that Jersey politicians had voted to extend discrimination law to protect islanders from being treated unfairly due to their age. This will apply to a number of areas including in the workplace, education, training, clubs or public premises.

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