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Ageing, fitness and work: A ‘good news’ follow-up story via @KevinFulthorpe

by on April 25, 2016

In March last year, we blogged about the case of Kevin Fulthorpe who was then an Army Reservist and sport and fitness lecturer at Cardiff and Vale College. He had been told that he couldn’t continue in post as a physical training instructor with the Army on reaching his 61st birthday. His fitness level wasn’t in doubt as he met the criteria for an Army physical training instructor 30 years his junior. At the time, we observed that chronological age-based decisions not to allow people like Kevin to remain in post – as well as being discriminatory – made it seem as if there was no incentive for older people to stay fit. We also noted that his super-fitness might be an advantage in getting other jobs. The story was covered by a number of regional and national newspapers in the UK and his case was taken up by Age Cymru.

Last Friday Kevin left an update comment on our blog post with some good news regarding his situation. He reports that he has beeen taken on by the Royal Air Force and for the last year has been responsible for training both regulars and reservists. The Wales Online website has covered his new role here.

This is fantastic news; we are really pleased to hear this. Many congratulations to Kevin (and good on the Royal Air Force too). How very satisfying to be able to share some good news on a Monday morning. It’s be good to think that other organizations might reflect on this story before making rules and decisions based solely on chronological age.

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