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SI on Ageing Societies in Management Revue

by on March 7, 2016

The latest edition of Management Revue features a special issue on Ageing Societies: Comparing HRM Responses in Germany and Japan edited by Keith Jackson and Philippe Debroux.

The articles offer a range of methodological perspectives with some taking a comparative approach whilst others offer a more in depth analysis of either the Japanese or German context.  The collection of articles cover a wide range of topics relevant to older workers in broader context of a global demographic shift.  These topics include a review of diversity management practices, the influence of different economic contexts and the experiences of older workers (here regarded as over fifties) in these different contexts with a particular view towards informing HR policy and practice.  One interesting point I took away was a concern that current HR policies (and potentially practitioners) are ‘stuck’ in a mindset of older = exit, so that even while the notion of retirement is changing, HR approaches view older workers as those they should be steering towards the door, set against for example, an emphasis on talent development when it comes to younger age groups.  The special issues does a particularly good job of posing difficult questions to the HR profession and offering useful approaches to generate insight as to some possible answers.

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  1. Keith Jackson permalink

    Hello Katrina, Many thanks for reviewing our Special Issue on ‘Ageing Societies / HRM Responses’. Yes, the ‘mindset’ question is key. Further thinking around this question has led me to reconsider the influence of social and cultural perception as informed by HRM practitioner experiences, along with ‘older’ (and ‘younger’) employee expectations: e.g. of job security, job satisfaction, and individual career path. Our thanks once again to you and your colleagues at the OU and at Birkbeck – two of my most-admired institutions – for making mention of our work. Best wishes, Keith Jackson

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment on our Blog! The discussion will no doubt continue as we all try and find ways of researching and writing about age at work. Katrina

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