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OK its not just lists about generations that are getting me down

by on February 26, 2016

I wasn’t going to blog again today and I certainly wasn’t going to vent about generations again.  But here I am!

In the firing line today are CIPD and Deloitte; as summarised here by the CIPD in a piece headed: “Quarter of millennials could move jobs this year, finds Deloitte”.  Sub headed: “Younger employee group demands more for their loyalty”.

We know that there is no clearly defined group called ‘millenials’: the years of birth vary study by study and so does the generational label so can we stop pretending that its clear cut.  Some suggest that the categorisation of this group ran from those born in 1980 and stopped with those born in 1994.  Are these the younger workers the CIPD mean? or another age group.

It seems that Deloitte run an frequent “Millenial Survey” but sadly I couldn’t work out who they included in the group “millenials” as they didn’t specify the cohort studied, other than they did include “millenial mom and dads” as their age was increasing.  Interestingly even their questionnaire includes questions which conflate millenial with younger worker.  Sigh.

Back to the CIPD.  Shockingly they say “the traditional image of the millennial has been that of a “selfish, self occupied” individual illustrated by the recent spat over social media involving a Yelp employee who complained to her CEO that she didn’t earn enough”.  This “traditional image” is the stereotype that has been perpetuated by organisations doing poor research and other organisations who perpetuate these stereotypes, including by randomly reporting examples as in this sentence.  Sighs again.



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