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HR prioritises retirement planning ahead of training for over-50s, research shows via @CIPD and @AshridgeUK

by on January 13, 2016

The CIPD provide a useful summary of some recent survey research from Ashridge  which compares the views of workers over 50 to HR staff.  The summary is not clear on the actual questions asked or detail of the method so we’ve asked Ashridge for a copy of the full report to check it out further.  However the summary seems to highlight that “just 1 per cent of HR staff felt older workers needed career development”.  There are some issues in the terms used here as treating all the over 50’s as a single group of ‘older workers’ is unhelpful as is labeling these all as baby boomers (regular readers know of our aversion to broad generational labeling).  But the headline issue that HR are not looking at those over 50 as candidates for career development is worthy of more discussion and investigation.

A full copy of the Ashridge report is available via following the links from the CIPD summary.  (No comment on the title – I’m planning to compile a list of those at some point!)

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