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Photographic competition to find new ways of representing ageing via @britgerontology

by on November 26, 2015

We are delighted to learn that British Gerontology have launched a photographic competition called ‘Ageing: the bigger picture’.  (We are secretly very annoyed we hadn’t thought of that title for one of our articles!)

The competition is about: “captured the multiple realities of ageing” and seeks photographs that show a “more nuanced approach to the subject”.

In our research we often find that images of ageing fall into one of two camps – the frail and distressed vs the energetic and outdoors.  This is a theme we have started to explore in our recent work examining images of age and ageing (see Pritchard and Whiting, 2015 via publications page of this blog).  From a discursive perspective we recommend Sandberg’s (2013) account of the binary between decline and success narratives of ageing.

We very much look forward to seeing the outputs of the photo competition.

Sandberg, L. (2013). Affirmative old age-the ageing body and feminist theories on difference. International Journal of Ageing and Later Life, 8(1), 11-40.

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