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What can the new series of the Peep Show tell us about age and work?

by on November 12, 2015

OK well probably not that much I admit.  However the return for a final series of the UK comedy series has got the papers looking for life messages 12 years after the show first aired.  Perhaps unsurprisingly the basic message from the first episode is that actually not much has changed for any of the characters when you dig a bit deeper than the appearance of working in a bank or drinking juice obsessively.  Set against this is what the BBC highlights as the ‘stigma’ of being middle aged without having ‘made it’ according to certain criteria – one of which is living on your own rather than flat sharing.  There are other ‘failures’ hinted at in the first episode, particularly related to the lack of career success.  Mark and Jeremy have not gone up in the world at all, in fact they’ve barely shuffled sideways.  After all as the independent says “What makes this show glorious is that as a viewer you know that however promising things look for the lads, it will all go catastrophically wrong.”  The ageing process seems set to feature heavily in this finally series, though the way they are going there may not be much work to write about.

(I have just realised that repeatedly typing ‘peep show’ into google on my work laptop is probably storing up a whole host of trouble!)


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