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Less James Bond and more Mumsnet: a new generation of spies?

by on October 29, 2015

Government agencies MI5 and MI6 have been targeting a ‘new generation’ of recruits.  By advertising on ‘Mumsnet’ to attract ‘middle-aged women and mothers’ according to the Telegraph.

The Evening Standard carries a copy of the job advert which seems to include some rather odd wording: “This is a place where qualities like creativity, insight, curiosity, empathy and intuition are valued just as highly as intellectual ability and analytical, logical thinking.”  I would hope they are suggesting that the older, female applicants might have any of these characteristics, not just the first set.  Sadly it seems the stereotypes are being activated like some self-destruct button on an Aston Martin. The Daily Mail suggests that applicants will need ‘to warn their husbands to be discreet’.  Oh dear.

Mumsnet has asked its members for comment – I’m guessing those that do have fallen at the first hurdle of the application process in any case.

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