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The Apprentice is back! Age related observations from episode one

by on October 15, 2015

Just when the sugar rush of Great British Bake Off is wearing off we get a Sugar rush of a different kind on our screens on a Wednesday night.  The Apprentice is back.  Over the last few days the papers have been offering us a chance to meet the candidates but last night we got to see them in action for the first time.  It was the traditional sales task for the first week, selling fish-based snacks to the Londoners at lunch time.

So were there any age related observations?  Well perhaps fewer than we might have expected. Claude Littner was introduced as the new member of the board with emphasis being placed on his years of experience.  While the candidates’ ages are not directly addressed on the show they are provided in their profiles on the website and then repeated in the many summaries in the press.  The average age of the candidates seems about late-twenties.  The youngest candidate is 21 and the oldest candidate 47.  Indeed there is quite a gap between Ruth the oldest candidate and the next oldest, Gary, at 34.  While I was largely distracted by their inability to make fishcakes, when watching the programme I didn’t notice any particular references to anyone’s age during the task.  This was quite refreshing but I do wonder whether this will continue as the competition hots up.  So far the press have focused on a ‘cringe-factor’ rating to assess the candidates, as here in the Metro.  The Telegraph reported live commentary alongside a review of the social media response, in which it appears that April’s hairstyle was the main topic of discussion.  So while age hasn’t been a topic so far the appearance of the women is sadly and predictably featuring early on.


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  1. It seems I blogged too soon! In the second of this week’s shows the ‘girls team’ designed a marketing campaign for a shampoo aimed at the over 45’s and during the pitch on candidate made the claim that women over 45 were ‘scared’ of new products. Deep sigh. Full marks to Karen Brady for calling her out in the boardroom and she was eventually fired (although actually I think the project manager should have been the one to go!)

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