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Generational myths unpacked: the baby boomer @ReadyforAgeing

by on September 14, 2015

We were really interested to read this report recently: the myth of the baby boomer from the ready for ageing alliance.  This alliance comprises  many major UK charities who campaign for policy to address the changing demographic profile of the UK including Age UK, Anchor, Carers UK, The Centre for Policy on Ageing, Independent Age, The International Longevity Centre and The Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The report on the myth of the baby boomer seeks to show the diversity of this generational group while recognizing their is a lack of consensus about who is exactly a baby boomer.  The aim of the report is states as “to challenge the sometimes lazy assumptions being made about the group of our population described as ‘boomers”. 

From our own research we would add that there are many ‘lazy assumptions’ made about other generations too, but we have often found the stereotyping about the boomers and younger generations (often labelled as generation Y or millennials) to be particularly wide ranging.

The report particularly highlights that a reason for addressing these myths is that they lead policy makers to make decisions based on a false image of ageing.  They also highlight that “inequalities across all ages matter most” whether they be in health, wealth, education, housing or work.

A similar approach to the myths for other generations would be good to see too!

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