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We’re saluting HM The Queen (older worker)

by on September 9, 2015

What else could we possibly cover today other than the remarkable fact that the Queen as become the longest reigning monarch in British history, overtaking her great great grandmother, Queen Victoria, with a record-breaking 63 years.

Buckingham Palace have released a photo to mark this occasion which shows the Queen reading Government correspondence and working her way through these official letters in the audience room at Buckingham Palace.  Lots of press coverage including here in the Daily Mail and here in the Express, with both papers noting the choice of pose, namely one that shows the Queen (at age 89) still working, underlining the notion of ‘business as usual’.
We live in an age when the idea of working in the same job or for the same organization throughout our careers is highly unlikely for most of us. At the same time, all of us are likely to be working later in life – or at least drawing pensions at a later age – than our immediately preceding generations. So we contemplate the Queen’s admittedly rather unique example of continuity and later life working and salute her contribution and service to the country.
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