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Big Bang Theory sued for age discrimination

by on September 8, 2015

Well, not exactly. It’s Warner Bros. Television that is actually named on the law suit.

According to this article on The Inquisitr website, the former Second Assistant Director on the Big Bang Theory sitcom, Christopher Klausen, who had been with the show since its start in 2007, has filed a claim for age discrimination. In it he alleges that he was systematically stripped of his duties until he was fired outright from the show in April 2015. The legal document claims:

As a Second Assistant Director, a major aspect of Mr. Klausen’s job duties involved interacting and working with the actors on a daily basis. This included serving as a liaison to the actors, making sure the actors are prepared for each scene, and putting the actors through wardrobe and makeup. Mr. Klausen noticed that the stars of the show, which are all considerably younger, began to ostracize him after he turned 50.

This wouldn’t be the first time such a claim has been made in the entertainment industry (particularly in the USA) and I’m sure it won’t the last. Indeed, the article quotes an entertainment lawyer Victoria Novak as saying that as Baby Boomers get older, she expects the frequency of such legal actions to increase. Her use of this specific generational label is interesting. The article quotes the show’s producer as saying that the reason duties were transferred to colleagues of Mr Klausen was because these colleagues related better to the actors due to them being younger. Which could be seen as implying that people only relate well to others of the same age or generational group.
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