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Commercialising childhood and the ‘voice’ of the next generation

by on June 15, 2015

At the other end of the age spectrum from our last post, comes this story from Australia that a three year old is “the voice of her generation”.  Shockingly she also has competition from other toddlers who already appear to be working hard and developing as social media brands.

The story (from describes how a child’s instagram feed, managed by her mother has turned into a multi-million dollar business earning her the label ‘kid-preneur’.  The child seems to have little say or understanding however of what is going on yet startlingly there seems to be no concern expressed that this is commercializing the little girl’s childhood.  The piece goes onto to ask the mother of this child: “And what does she say to critics who suggest she’s pre-determining her future? What if [child] wanted to be a criminal lawyer, say, or Prime Minister? “From a long-term perspective, I haven’t even really thought about it. For now she is having fun, there are opportunities – she’s in a position where she’s making money.”

All in all rather sad I felt.

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