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Caitlyn Jenner becomes the new older woman on the cover of Vanity Fair

by on June 2, 2015

Vanity Fair has become the latest glossy magazine to celebrate the older woman and has captured the headlines in the process.  Why?  Because the woman in question is Caitlyn Jenner, who according to the BBC has broken a twitter record by reaching a million followers in the fastest time.

Writing in the Guardian, Paris Lees comments that “this sexualised image of a woman in her 60s will provide people with plenty to criticise, but for me it brings nothing but joy – and, though I don’t speak for them, I suspect many other trans people will feel the same … At 65, however, she is not young, and she’s making up for lost time. When she was growing up, society was ignorant of trans issues; her parents and community didn’t have the information that could have helped her become who she was always meant to be while she still had her whole life ahead of her“.  Sensitively addressing the issue of age, the article accepts that Caitlyn has access to a wealth of resources but recognizes that for many there was not simply any possibility to transition at a younger age.

We have often blogged about the lack of representation of older women in the media and no doubt Caitlyn Jenner will find new challenges ahead.  There are already many questioning the motives for the Vanity Fair cover but so far on social media a louder supporting voice is praising the value of such a public transition for raising awareness and tolerance.

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