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Robots to the rescue?

by on June 1, 2015

The latest in the recent range of robots to be heralded as the ‘answer’ to Japan’s ageing workforce have been unveiled.  From ‘Pepper’ the robot designed to deliver care to the elderly, the press are now reviewing ‘Aiko Chihira’, the Toshiba designed departmental store greeter.

We have often reported the apparent war of words when it comes the different benefits attributed to older and younger workers who are often seen to be in competition for jobs.  But it appears there is a new kid – a robot kid- on the block. It is important to note that Japan’s ageing demographics are more acute than many other countries with one in four of the population over 65.  However who is to say the robot revolution will not take off more broadly and have a wider impact on the competition for jobs in other countries.  This has of course be the subject of many sci-fi stories, but perhaps the reality is now closer than we think.  And if robots are able to take on more ‘human’ roles, will it e older or younger workers who are impacted most?

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