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Just discovered I’ve missed the ‘Anti-Ageing Show’. What a relief!

by on May 19, 2015

Reading the Guardian yesterday I came across this article by Rick Samadder which reviews a visit to the two day ‘Anti Ageing Show’ held at London Olympia.  I was both intrigued and horrified that this existed (and that I’d missed it).  Rick sums up his experience in the article, saying “There is a background hum of sadness under the artificial excitement. Some of the women who have travelled here today – and it is almost exclusively women, because men are allowed to grow old – are over 50, but more are significantly younger, taught to fear the natural processes of their bodies as soon as they become aware of them“.

Looking at their website, the show has the subheading ‘health and beauty’, so why not just call this a health and beauty event, why give it the (albeit eye catching) title of ‘Anti-Ageing’.  There is a glimmer of hope in the fact that one of the features seems to be aimed at supporting women with cancer but again I am not sure how that fits with an anti-ageing tag.

I have no idea how Rick managed a whole day at the event, I have found just reading about it quite exhausting and depressing…I suspect by their measures I have aged considerably as a result!

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