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A battle of the champions ahead? Miriam O’Reilly vs. Ros Altmann

by on April 22, 2015

Recently the press reported that the current Government’s ‘Older worker champion’, Ros Altmann would be made a Tory peer and appointed Minister for consumer protection if the Conservatives win the forthcoming election.  It seems that this would involve specific responsibility for looking at how the new pension freedom is playing out in the market place and reducing ageism in the mortgage market.  Ros sets out her own ‘manifesto’ in the Yorkshire Post. Interestingly the BBC also reports that “Altmann was also an advisor to former Prime Minister Tony Blair”.

However, Labour have gone with a new advisor this time around: Miriam O’Reilly announcing that she will be their ‘Independent Commissioner for Older People’ if they form the next Government, which forms part of their manifesto for older people, details of which will be made available later today.

So how do the champions stack up? Who do you think will be most effective?  And is it time other age groups had a champion too?

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