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Latest survey on employee benefits shows age and gender differences

by on April 21, 2015

The results of PWC’s latest survey on workplace benefits has highlighted age and gender differences in preferences for employee benefits.  Rather stereotypically the results suggest a male preference for company cars and a female preference for child care.  PWC also highlight in respect to age that “The survey also suggests that employees starting out in their careers are more likely to be willing to take risks with their pay and are more attracted to the upside of variable remuneration”.  Labeling these ‘Generation y’ the results suggest that these individuals are willing to trade ‘salary’ for the potential of performance related bonus:

“Asked to swap £1,000 of their salary for the opportunity to receive a performance-related bonus of £5,000, more than a third of respondents aged under 20 agreed (36%) compared to an average across all ages of nearly half that level (20%) and 18% of those aged 40 to 59.”

PWC also report that younger respondents were more likely to highlight a preference for workplace training and company cars (though whether this still reflected a gender split is not reported).  It is also not clear how the options which were presented for respondents to select were identified, though the impact of occupation is also noted by PWC. of course other issues could also be at play here.  Perhaps those who have been working longer are more skeptical of the way in which different benefits are calculated whereas those newer to working roles may be more optimistic about the transparency of benefit schemes.

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