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Age and the general election

by on March 27, 2015

In our last blog post for a while we take a brief look at the headlines around age in relation to the forthcoming general election.

Age UK provide extensive coverage on their website on ‘Why the Election Matters to Older People’ suggesting that voters ask their candidate to become an ‘age champion’.  Key issues highlighted on the website relate to issues of poverty, loneliness and care for older people. I was interested to see that pensions don’t occupy the headline slots, though are of course implicated in other issues.

There has of course been much coverage of various promises made by different parties, with the conservatives in particular being seen a wooing to the older vote.  However the Telegraph report that Cameron was recently heckled at an Age UK event – so perhaps that is not going exactly to plan.  In contrast Labour have been positioned as trying to capture the attention of younger voters, particularly in respect to promises to cut university tuition fees.  The independent highlights recent research which suggests UKIP supporters are generally over 55 (and white). The article supported this and other analysis of the recent UK social attitude survey with pictures of Lego characters to represent different electoral tribes.  As with all the discussion about who one the latest debate and which direction the polls are moving in, the interesting analysis will of course take place after the vote, particularly when we see whether the promised policies to whatever group are going to be implemented.

Age at Work are taking a well earned ‘blog break’ and will be back on 13th April!

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